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  • Failure to observe these warnings could result in physical injury or damage to the Bike
  • Use the Bike indoors on a level surface. Keep it away from moisture and dust
  • Make sure that the pedals are on tight. Loose pedals will slowly come undone. Using the bike with loose pedals can damage the threads on the crank arms. Stripped crank arm threads are not covered by the warranty. Perform a daily inspection of the product before using it
  • Wear suitable clothing when using the Bike. Do not wear loose clothing that could become caught on the bike. Always wear athletic shoes
  • This device is a precision instrument. Do not subject the device to heavy shock or treat it excessively. Also, do not allow water to come into contact with the device. Do not disassemble or modify it. Doing so will void the warranty covering repair and after sales service
  • The Bike has sealed bearings and is maintenance free. Lubricants are not necessary and can actually damage the bike
  • Do not place the device in a location where it will be in contact with direct sunlight or where it will be exposed to high temperatures of excessive humidity


Warning! To reduce the risk of serious injury, please read the following precautions before using the Bike

  • Read all instructions in this manual before using the Bike. Use it only as described
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all users of the Bike are adequately informed of all precautions
  • Never use this device after drinking alcohol; doing so is dangerous and could result in serious injury or accident
  • Do not place this device in a location where it may cause an obstruction. Do not leave the device unattended after use. Be sure to move and store it in a safe place to avoid injury
  • If using the anchor strap, unclip it between uses to avoid a tripping hazard
Consult Your Physician

It is always important to consult your physician before starting an exercise program. This is particularly true if any of the following apply to your current medical condition:

  • Chest pain or pain in the neck and/or arm
  • Shortness of breath
  • A diagnosed heart condition
  • Joint and/or bone problems
  • Currently taking cardiac and/or blood pressure medications
  • Have not previously been physically active
  • Dizziness or blurred vision
  • Those with physical handicaps should use this device only under supervision.
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If none of these apply to you then start gradually and sensibly. However, if you feel any of the physical symptoms listed above when you start your exercise program, contact your physician right away. If one or more of the statements listed above applies for you, see your physician before beginning an exercise program. An exercise-stress test may be used to help plan your exercise program.

 please read the following information:

1. When cycling you must use downward force on the pedals and not forward pushing force, if you push forwards the bike will move especially on polished floors. If doing high intensity workouts we suggest using the anchor strap provide or place the bike against a wall or heavy piece of furniture.

Feet Square
Pushing ForwardIncorrect

Feet Down
Pushing Down

2. The two pedals are DIFFERENT! One goes into the left hand crank and the other the right. Do not mix them up or try and force them in otherwise you may strip the thread. Read Step 3: Installing the Pedals for more information

Assembling your Bike

Step 1: Install the Front Support Leg

Remove the front arm (2) then unscrew the nuts and washers, if already attached, from the Front Support Leg (1). Fit the front support arm onto front arm. Apply the curved washer so they are flush with the arm then screw the nut onto each bolt, tighten securely using the supplied tool (15). Loosen the Wing Nut (3) then slide the leg in to the base of the bike and tighten to hold. For the maximum stability, extend the arm when in use.

Step 2: Install the Rear Support Leg

Insert the Adjustable Support Leg (10) into the base then screw the Wing Nut (9) into the Bike Assembly to secure leg. Extend the arm when in use

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Step 3: Install the Pedals

Screw the LEFT pedal (5) into the LEFT crank arm ANTICLOCKWISE! Screw the RIGHT pedal (4) into the RIGHT crank arm CLOCKWISE! Each pedal is marked on the end of the pedal shaft with an L (for Left) or and R (for Right). The crank arms are also marked. See the next page pictures and more details. Use the supplied tool to securely tighten the pedals.


Gently hand screw each pedal into the correct side before tightening using the tool provided (15). Follow the L (left hand) and R (right hand) markings on both pedals & both cranks.

Part Number/Item
1 Front Support Arm
2 Front Arm
3 Rear Arm Retainer Wing Nut
4 Right Hand Pedal
5 Left Hand Pedal
6 Left and Right Crank
7 Display Monitor
Part Number/Item
8 Connector Plug
9 Display Mounting Bracket
10 Rear Arm/Leg
11 Anchor Strap
12 Resistance Control

Important !
R or L
Marked on End of shaft
Screw Right Hand Side Pedal in Clockwise Direction - Read markings on the shaft 
Screw Left Hand Side Pedal in Counter Clockwise

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Step 4: Install the LCD Display

Plug the Display connector plug (8 Not Shown) into the socket at the rear of the LCD display (7). Then slide onto the Display Mounting Bracket (9).

Using Your GymMate
Extend the Adjustable Support Leg

For maximum stability your GymMate BIKE has wide based extending legs both front and rear these should be extended during workouts to minimise any creep or sideways movement when cycling quickly.

Adjusting the Resistance

1. To increase the resistance turn the dial 12 at the front of the bike clockwise, to reduce the resistance turn anticlockwise.

2. To check turn the resistance OFF by rotating the knob anticlockwise as far as it will go, this should be no more than 6 complete revolutions of the dial.

3. Start by cycling in the OFF mode then turn the dial clockwise approximately 6 complete revolutions or until the dial stops turning and cycle again at the maximum setting.

You should notice a difference between the two settings. You can choose the most suitable resistance setting Off, Max or anywhere in between depending on the intensity of exercise the duration and your fitness level.

Using with your arms

Place the bike on a table top to exercise your arms. You can pedal in the forward and reverse directions to work different muscle groups.

Using as a regular exercise cycle.

Sit on a chair with the bike in front at a distance where you can turn a full cycle of the pedals without any discomfort. Place your feet onto the peddles under the straps, It is recommended that you start off cycling at a low speed and resistance building up as your muscles warm up and as your fitness level dictates. When cycling you will need to cycle in a circular motion using your feet and legs otherwise if you just push the pedals in the same plane your effort will be in pushing the bike away from you rather than cycling in a circular motion It takes a little practice to get the correct movement The GymMate BIKE is bi-directional and therefore you can cycle in both forward and reverse directions which will be beneficial to different muscle groups.

Using the Adjustable Anchor Strap (Part No. 11)

Your GymMate bike is quite stable as long as you peddle it correctly using downward force and not forward pushing as this will causes the bike to creep. If you are on a slippery polished floor or are seated in an office chair with castors you may want to make use of an anchor. We provide an adjustable strap which can be placed round the leg or base of a chair and adjusted to keep a comfortable fixed distance between the chair and bike . Anchoring is useful if the bike is on a smooth floor and in some instances when you want to a cardiovascular workout on a high resistance setting. If you are still experience creep you are probably pedaling incorrectly using a forward push force try to use a downward force, additionally you can lodge the rear arm against an anchor point like a wall or heavy piece of furniture.

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LCD Display

How to Read the Display

There are numbers displayed on the monitor, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Top Number

The top number always displays your pedal speed, in kilometres per hour.

Bottom Number

The bottom number can display Distance, Calories or Time.

The Function Button

Press this button to change what is displayed by the bottom number. Each time you press the Function Button the indicator Arrow moves between

  • TIME (total Time pedaled),
  • DIST (total Distance pedaled, in kilometers
  • CAL (total Calories burned),
  • SCAN.
Indicator Arrow
Always Displays Speed
Function Button

The Indicator Arrow points to the function that is being displayed. For example, in the picture the Indicator Arrow is pointing to DIST, so the lower number displays the total distance pedaled.

What is SCAN?

When SCAN is selected, the lower number will cycle between displaying Time, Distance and Calories. Each will be displayed for about 6 seconds. A second Indicator Arrow will point to the function (Time, Distance or Calories) that is being displayed.

How to Reset Total Time, Total Distance and Calories

Time, Distance and Calories are accumulated as you pedal. To reset these all to zero, press and hold the Function Button for at least 3 seconds.

How to Turn the Display On and Off

The display turns on automatically when you pedal the bike. You can also turn the display on by pressing the Function Button. You do not need to turn the display off. It will turn off automatically a few minutes after you stop pedaling.

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Care and Maintenance
Keep the Pedals Tightened

Loose pedals will slowly come undone. Using the bike with loose pedals can damage the threads on the crank arms.

No Lubrication Needed

The Bike contains sealed bearings for years of maintenance free use. No lubrication is needed. In fact, some lubricants contain chemicals that can actually harm the bearings.


Email: GymMatePro@Gmail.Com


12 months warranty on all parts and labor.

What is covered?

We give a warranty for the bike and accessories against defects in material or workmanship for a full year from the date of purchase. At our option we will repair or replace the defective product.

Parts: All parts are covered under this warranty.

Labor: All labor is covered under this warranty. In most cases a local bike shop can perform the repairs and the labor charge is reimbursed to the customer.

Shipping: For the first 30 days, we will pay for shipping costs. After the first 30 days, we will only pay for the ship-ping to the customer and the customer pays for the shipping to us. In most cases there will be no shipping cost since a local cycle shop can perform the repairs. The labor charge of the cycle service centre is reimbursed to the customer by us.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not cover damage caused by neglect, abuse or misuse and cannot be transferred.

How do I get Service?

Contact us by email to request a warranty repair. Please provide your invoice number and a description of the problem.

Contact Information

Email: GymMatePro@Gmail.Com

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